A single ticket linked to a single user ! For mobility, events, and leisure activities. Valid for 5 years, it allows its user to use only one ticket for their travels and activities. A ticket that is immune to bugs, fraud, loss, or forgetfulness!

Uniqbillet reassures operators and their users who access a new stress-free, smoother, and anti-fraud user experience, thanks to a secure ticket (based on I.D) easily accessible during their travels and activities.


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Create your Uniqbillet

It is assigned to the user as soon as they have completed a quick
(1 min) identity verification process conducted by our partner ViaLink.

Using a valid identification document, they will undergo rigorous ‘FaceMatching’ verification based on A.I.(covering over 150 countries).

An Uniqbillet is valid for 5 years!


Once validated, an encrypted identification record cart will be created.



When purchasing a ticket from an operator, the user selects Uniqbillet among the supports it offers TO CONNECT IT TO THE Uniqbillet APP installed on their smartphone.



Each ticket linked to the App will be notified and recorded in the MY REGISTER folder.

Any operator connected to the Uniqbillet App will be definitively !



To authenticate, the user can present their Uniqbillet from the operator’s App or from the Uniqbillet App.

In order to secure the user by offering them the possibility of using their Uniqbillet from any application to authenticate themselves throughout their journey.


Let’s take the example of Théo who lives in Nantes and who has to attend a French team’s game in Paris,

In his journey he must use:

  • 1 parking ticket
  • 1 Train ticket
  • 1 Subway ticket
  • 1 Bus ticket
  • The game’s ticket

Thanks to our solution (based on the ID) He will be able to complete his entire journey with any App connected to his Uniqbillet!

When the user selects Uniqbillet, it automatically unlocks the Uniqbillet application, which transfers the age to the partner in order to offer them a personalized deal



By selecting this option, a QR code valid for 15 seconds will be generated.

It must be presented at the terminal equipped with a QR code reader
to get through the gate.



The user presents the dynamic QR code valid for 15 seconds.

The agent can then perform real-time visual authentication to ensure that the person presenting their ticket is indeed the owner!

and prohibit all types of fraud!!!


By selecting this option, it will trigger the user’s smartphone camera.

The user will need to scan the displayed QR Code ASSOCIATED with the tripod or registration terminal to identify themselves upon access.