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A double ANONYMITY verification device that allows for real-time age verification of users and visitors.

In order to block and secure access to activities and content reserved for adults or the appropriate age group.

And to ensure that the person attempting to access it does indeed meet the required age! HOW


The user needs to download the application available on app stores.

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Then create an account by proving their identity with:


After a rigorous identity verification (less than a minute) by our partner ViaLink based on FaceMatching AI, we will issue them an AnonymAge Badge valid for 5 years.


The partner integrates the
AnonymAGE button on the
page providing access to the

logo Anonymage

When the visitor clicks on the AnonymAGE button, a dynamic age verification session is launched by displaying a QR CODE or a MAGIC LINK on the screen, valid for 15 seconds.


The user unlocks their AnonymAGE App and selects this option to scan the QR CODE displayed on their screen to prove their legal age.


The user unlocks their AnonymAGE app and selects “Present your AnonymAGE”.


The user presents the QR code displayed on their smartphone to the controller.


The controller scans the presented QR code to visually authenticate the person and verify their age.


They are of legal age!

They are a minor!

Eliminates age and majority usurpation !

Indeed, the GreenBadge cannot be duplicated or loaned. It guarantees that the person using it is indeed who they claim to be and is of the required age.

Reliable and real-time verification !

Precise and effective unlike age estimation prone to a margin of error...

No data transfer and 100% Anonymous !

Simply addresses a question and the anonymity imperatives sought by users and authorities.

Achieves the process of protecting minors!

The partner integrating our solution gives credibility to its strategy for protecting minors, enhances its image, and anticipates potential legal conflicts.