We are creating
the standards of tomorrow!

Coming from a patented authentication technology,
they allow to streamline and secure the user experience.


A single and secure ticket, usable
for mobility, events, and leisure
activities !

It allows its user to use only one ticket for their travels and activities.
A ticket that cannot be lost, forgotten, stolen, or used


An age verification solution with double anonymity and real-time processing.

It enables users to reliably prove their age while ensuring complete anonymity of their browsing data.

logo visualID

A real-time visual authentication

It allows its user to authenticate themselves in a physical or digital usage to ensure they are indee who they claim to be.

logo visualPAY

An innovative and
secure payment solution !

VisualPay ensures that the person making the payment or transaction is Indeed the owner of the bank account.


Your Anonymous Digital Identity !

Based on the use of a visual and
anonymous badge.
It allows the user
to prove their identity
without having to store
or present private documents.


 Votre identité Numérique Anonyme !

Basé sur l’usage d’un badge visuel et anonyme.
Il permet à son utilisateur
de prouver son identité
sans avoir à stocker
ni à présenter des documents privés